IdleNode Recommendation

Introduce for IdleNode Recommendation

By scanning the status and utilization of nodes, the idle node recommendation helps users to find idle Kubernetes nodes.


In Kubernetes cluster, some nodes often idle due to such factors as node taint, label selector, low packing rate and low utilization rate, which wastes a lot of costs. IdleNode recommendation tries to help users find these nodes to reduce cost.


kind: Recommendation
  name: idlenodes-rule-idlenode-5jxn9
  namespace: crane-system
  labels: idlenodes-rule IdleNode 8921a198-7082-11ed-8b7b-246e960a8d8c Node worker-node-1 v1 amd64 bareMetal linux
    - apiVersion:
      kind: RecommendationRule
      name: idlenodes-rule
      uid: 8921a198-7082-11ed-8b7b-246e960a8d8c
      controller: false
      blockOwnerDeletion: false
    kind: Node
    name: worker-node-1
    apiVersion: v1
  type: IdleNode
  completionStrategy: {}
  targetRef: {}
  action: Delete
  lastUpdateTime: '2022-11-30T07:46:57Z'

In this sample:

  • Recommendation’s TargetRef Point to Node:worker-node-1
  • Recommendation type is IdleNode
  • action is Delete,but offline a node is a complicated operation, we only give recommended advise.

How to create a IdleNode recommendation please refer to:Recommendation Framework


Perform the following steps to complete a recommendation process for idle nodes:

  1. Scan all nodes and pods in the cluster
  2. If all Pods on a node are DaemonSet pods, the node is considered to be idle