Quick Start

Quick Start guide for Crane

Welcome to Crane! In this document, we will work through how to install Crane and visit Crane Dashboard in your local environments:

  • Create a local running Kubernetes cluster by Kind
  • Install Prometheus and Grafana by Helm
  • Install Crane by Helm
  • Visit Crane Dashboard via kubectl port-forward

Please referring to Installation to know more about how to install crane 。


  • kubectl
  • Kubernetes 1.18+
  • Helm 3.1.0
  • Kind 0.16+


Following command will install Crane with dependencies applications(Prometheus/Grafana).

curl -sf https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gocrane/crane/main/hack/local-env-setup.sh | sh -

Make sure all pods are running:

$ export KUBECONFIG=${HOME}/.kube/config_crane
$ kubectl get deploy -n crane-system
NAME                                             READY   STATUS    RESTARTS       AGE
crane-agent-5r9l2                                1/1     Running   0              4m40s
craned-6dcc5c569f-vnfsf                          2/2     Running   0              4m41s
fadvisor-5b685f4cd6-xpxzq                        1/1     Running   0              4m37s
grafana-64656f6d54-6l24j                         1/1     Running   0              4m46s
metric-adapter-967c6d57f-swhfv                   1/1     Running   0              4m41s
prometheus-kube-state-metrics-7f9d78cffc-p8l7c   1/1     Running   0              4m46s
prometheus-node-exporter-4wk8b                   1/1     Running   0              4m40s
prometheus-server-fb944f4b7-4qqlv                2/2     Running   0              4m46s

Visit Crane Dashboard

kubectl -n crane-system port-forward service/craned 9090:9090

Visit dashboard via here