Installation of CLI Tool

How to install kubectl-crane

Install kubectl-crane

You can install kubectl-crane plugin in any of the following ways:

  • One-click installation.
  • Install using Krew.
  • Build from source code.


  • Kubectl: kubectl is the Kubernetes command line tool lets you control Kubernetes clusters. For installation instructions see installing kubectl.

One-click installation

For Linux

export release=v0.2.0
export arch=x86_64
curl -L -o kubectl-crane.tar.gz${release}/kubectl-crane_${release}_Linux_${arch}.tar.gz
tar -xvf kubectl-crane.tar.gz 
cp kubectl-crane_${release}_Linux_${arch}/kubectl-crane /usr/local/bin/

For Mac

export release=v0.2.0
export arch=arm64
curl -L -o kubectl-crane.tar.gz${release}/kubectl-crane_${release}_Darwin_${arch}.tar.gz
tar -xvf kubectl-crane.tar.gz 
cp kubectl-crane_${release}_Darwin_${arch}/kubectl-crane /usr/local/bin/

Install using Krew

Krew is the plugin manager for kubectl command-line tool.

Install and setup Krew on your machine.

Then install kubectl-crane plug-in:

kubectl krew install crane

Build from source code

git clone
cd kubectl-crane
export CGO_ENABLED=0
go mod vendor
go build -o kubectl-crane ./cmd/

Next, move the kubectl-crane executable file in the project root directory to the PATH path.